Malaysia Visa Required Documents

List of documents required to apply for a Malaysia Visa

Nationals of certain countries are required to apply for a visa before they travel to Malaysia. If you are from a country whose citizens need a Malaysian visa, then you have to fulfill the Malaysia visa requirements.

Seeing as the location in which you submit your application changes depending on your country, the visa requirements for Malaysia also change.

If you are not eligible for the online Malaysian visa application, you must find the Malaysian Diplomatic Mission or authorized visa application center nearest to you. Malaysian Diplomatic Missions Abroad, ie. embassies or high commissions, have information on their websites regarding the documents required for Malaysian visa. They also provide the address in which you should submit the application and documents.

What Are the Document Required for a Malaysian Visa?

The required documents for Malaysia visa are as follows:

  • Completed Malaysia Visa Application Form.
  • Valid passport.
  • Pictures.
  • Flight itinerary.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • No Objection Letter from your employer.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Proof of paid Malaysian visa fee.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (if applicable).

Completed Malaysia Visa Application Form

You can download the application form for Malaysian visa on the official website of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

The form is in PDF format and has to be completed electronically – as such, you will need to have access to a computer and Adobe Reader (or an equivalent). After completing the application form, you must print two copies and sign them.

Print the application form on both sides of an A4 paper.

Valid passport

You must submit your original passport, which must be valid for at least six months from the date you intend to travel to Malaysia.

Your passport must have at least two blank pages where the immigration authorities will affix your visa and stamps.

Additionally, you must submit two colored and clear photocopies of your passport’s bio-data page.


You must have two recent passport-size pictures of yourself, which are in line with Malaysia photo requirements.

You must affix one of the pictures to your Malaysian visa application form.

Confirmed flight itinerary

You must submit the original flight ticket purchased for Malaysia as well as the return flight ticket. You must also attach colored photocopies of the ticket/s.

Click here to learn how to purchase dummy tickets for visa application.

Proof of accommodation

You must provide proof that you have accommodation in Malaysia. Depending on where you are staying, you could submit proof of hotel booking, home rental agreement, etc.

Or, if you are staying with someone (family/friend), they could write you a letter of invitation as proof of accommodation.

Letter of invitation from sponsor in Malaysia

If you are staying with friends/family in Malaysia, they should write an invitation letter, inviting you to Malaysia, stating your relationship and the dates in which you will stay with them.

Their complete address and telephone number must also be included in the letter.

No Objection Letter from employer or educational institution

If you are employed, provide a No Objection Letter from your employer which confirms your employment and states the duration which you’re expected to be absent from work.

If you are a student, provide a No Objection Letter from an authority at your educational institution which confirms you are a student there as well as the expected duration of your absence.

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Proof of sufficient funds

In order for your Malaysia visa application to be successful, you must prove that you can financially support yourself or any dependants that are coming with you.

You must submit bank statements and credit card statements from the past three months.

You should have at least €40 per day for the duration of your stay, although the exact amount changes depending on the country.

Malaysian visa fee

You must pay a non-refundable, Malaysian visa application processing fee. The fee along with the method of payment change depending on the Embassy/High Commission processing your application. Some embassies accept cash, while others require for the fee to be paid in bank cheque or money order directly to the embassy prior to submission of documents.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

Every traveler who is aged 1 or older must have a Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination if:

  • They are from a country that is in risk of Yellow Fever transmission; or
  • If they transited in a country that is in risk of Yellow Fever transmission for a period longer than 12 hours

As such, you will need a Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination if you are from/came from one of the following countries:

Burkina FasoBurundiCameroonCentral African Republic
ChadDemocratic Republic of CongoDjiboutiEcuador
PeruRwandaSao Tome and PrincipeSenegal
Sierra LeoneSouth AfricaSri LankaSt. Kitts and Nevis

Documents required for minors

If you are applying on behalf of a minor, you must also attach the minor’s birth certificate.

Additionally, if the minor is traveling by themselves or with another adult (other than the parent), a No Objection Letter from the parents or legal guardians is required, allowing the minor to travel.

Documents Required for Malaysia Multiple Entry Visa

If you are applying for a multiple entry Malaysian visa, you must also submit the following documents in addition to the ones listed above:

  • A short, written statement from you which details the reasons for applying for a multiple entry visa.
  • Flight ticket reservation which shows at least two trips to Malaysia.
    • If you are from Thailand or Singapore, a Written Statement of Intention to enter more than once may suffice.)
  • Bank statements showing sufficient funds.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of requirements. The documents that you need depend on the Embassy/High Commission in which you are applying. They may ask for fewer or additional documents.

Additionally, if you are applying for a Malaysia Visa With Reference (for example, if you received an Employment Pass), you will need to submit proof that the Immigration Department of Malaysia authorized it before you can apply for the visa.

Keep in mind that the visa is merely authorization to travel to Malaysia, not to enter. The Immigration Officer at the Malaysian port of entry decides whether you are eligible to enter Malaysia and for how long.

Documents for Malaysian Visa on Arrival

If you are from India and China, and you can get a Malaysian Visa On Arrival, you must have the following documents/requirements:

  • A valid visa from Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand.
  • A return/onward ticket.
  • Sufficient funds (at least $1,000).
  • Valid passport with at least six additional duration.
  • Confirmed hotel booking/accommodation in Malaysia.

Malaysia Online Visa Requirements

If you are from a country who is eligible to apply for a Malaysian visa online, you have to attach the required documents electronically. This means you must scan them and add them to the application.

Malaysian Entry Requirements

After you have traveled to Malaysia, you must fulfill the following requirements to enter:

  • You must be in possession of a valid passport, as specified above.
  • You must have a visa if you are from a visa-required country.
  • You must have proof of sufficient funds.
  • You must have a return ticket or a ticket for onward travel.
  • You must complete the Arrival/Departure Card at the Malaysian entry point.
  • If you are traveling for long-term purposes (eg. for work, studying, joining a family member), you must have the adequate Pass (Employment Pass, Student Pass, etc) you have obtained from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • You must show proof of sponsorship, if applicable.

It is the immigration Officers who determine your eligibility to enter Malaysia.